This case is about how to:
#1 Improve people well-being
#2 Create special atmosphere
#3 Do it all with light only
Within three design stages we have transformed the lighting in a medium size office.  Read below how light has improved life and processes in a one single department. 
The customer had approached us during refurbishment in a one of the executive offices with the task of lighting redesign by the means of minimal interference into the space.
The problem laid in the absence of any approach to lighting design. All illumination there was represented by decorative fixtures that led to high level of glare and directly affected people’s fatigue during the working process.
Besides, the room contained plenty of art objects. The walls had profound textures like old brick cladding and wooden panels. Plenty of pin-up lamps and excessively intense suspended fixtures created visual chaos in this highly intense environment.
We proposed to design with light, not luminaries and inspired by the site specifics, designed three layers of lighting, each one to fulfil its own task.
is necessary for the environment perception.
There was no general lighting when the project had started, the room was lit unevenly that created impression of divisibility.

serves to highlight objects in the space. 
It was realised with the help of stationary lights. Wide beam angle and limited mobility did not allow to illuminate the objects efficiently and comfortably. 


creates the required atmosphere. 
Pin-up lamps placed on the eye level were the brightest highlights in the room, though they were supposed to have decorative function only. Suspended luminaries above the tables produced blinding effect and illuminated the ceiling, but provided insufficient light levels to the working surfaces. 
Flexible infrastructure is needed to implement such approach because furniture and objects in the office may change their location.  Besides, we wanted to reflect variety of the premises scenarios used in different ways: concentrated computer work, meetings, moments of deep thinking and so on. Thus, the system of hanging three-phase bus-wire allowing to provide the support of different situations (the reflections of the office owner’s mood) with the help of proper tuning became the basis of our tool set.
In addition we reduced the brightness of all pin-up lamps significantly to create soft warm glowing as an add-on to the functional part of the lighting concept.
As the installation and further equipment setup passed by, all the participants came pleased with the result. The second partner of the company asked us to do the same job with his office.
So said – so done. The room had similar problems but different composition: there was a fireplace in the centre, a bar counter, different formats and layout of paintings and sculptures. The principles and layers of lighting remained the same and, with a different application, gave the needed result.  
After the completion of two stages, the customer commissioned us to redesign lighting of the central office part: the zone for directors’ assistants and the reception area.  
Taking pictures was limited due to the customer request.
The main feature of this area is the complete absence of natural lighting. Other basics remained the same: pictures, open ceilings with engineering communications and a lot of glaring light.
Since the employees unlike their bosses have a working schedule and have to stay awake and focused during all the working day, we had to apply another approach here. 
Thus we have chosen the warm light with 3000K temperature for the executives’ offices to create cosy atmosphere, here we implemented another plan for the offices. We used neutral white for general lighting that provides visual comfort and reduces people fatigue and warm light for accents on desktops to achieve good colour rendition and concentration during monotonous work. 
So people that lack daylight constantly got the opportunity to decrease their tiredness, work more comfortably, and, as a consequence, do less mistakes.
We also have paid special attention to the vertical surfaces, as this is vertical light that forms our perception – the feeling of room dimensions, minimises glare discomfort and creates well-ordered visual environment. If supplemented with accent lighting and properly organised, vertical lighting is able to create really productive working atmosphere.
Wardrobe zone was highlighted with warm light that allowed ladies to refresh their make-up in comfort. Concrete walls and graphics were evenly illuminated with neutral light to create favourable and fresh atmosphere.
The essence of the concept here is the following: cooler surroundings and warmer content. 
Again flexibility of lighting system was a must to fulfil these tasks. That is why for offices we used magnetic track that makes it possible to relocate and redirect the light sources in case of furniture and working places rearrangement with ease. For the entrance corridor we used a brand new modular that allows to tune optical characteristics of each element delicately and minimise the amount of equipment used. 
Reception area is the central core of the whole office, and we have paid much more attention and efforts to make it remarkable.
General lighting is provided by the LED mesh with dimensions of 16 by 4 meters spread in one level under the ceiling. Accent lighting for the paintings, the counter and the seating area is concealed slightly above the lighting plane.
The ceiling in this zone as well as in the whole office had open engineering communications. To achieve maximum expression we proposed our client to paint the ceiling and suspended systems to dark graphite. In the we came up to the compromise - just to suspend the communications a bit higher. 
It is worth to notice that the most difficult in the project was the mesh installation process that required courage and bravery from every participant of the process. Light emitting diode mesh was an experimental solution both for us and for the manufacturer that up to the moment had never produced such a big lighting canvas.
Its correct positioning took us several attempts to mount and dismount, rework on suspension system and finding of new technical solutions. We would like to thank our clients for their patience and the manufacturer – for his ability to apply the changes.
In the end the area turned into the sparkle of the office. Experience transformed into right solutions is always leading to the progress.
The dynamic lighting installation we have designed and produced was installed within the existing reception counter. It became the final accent in the hall.
It is aimed to create light dynamics and atmosphere to remind of the natural change of light during the day. One can change different dynamic scenarios according to the office mood or situation - from moving pixels to smooth glow.
LED modules were installed behind the glass blocks and programmed to reproduce any dynamic pictures. Custom scenario switch was designed and installed on desk, so that the reception ladies could manage the scenarios easily. It’s funny that we have considered the size and shape of secretaries’ manicure so that they could use our gadget comfortably. 
From our perspective office lighting is not an "effective" grid of 600x600mm fixtures. First of all, this is a design of hierarchy of space perception depending on the specifics of the space use and the processes running inside.  

Sophisticated combination of different approaches makes lighting design really qualitative, and quality is firstly measured by comfort of people working in the space. Visual attraction comes as a compliment. 

The amount of art pieces contained in the office influenced the concept greatly and set the general tone to it. Lighting work with art requires more delicate attitude to the specification of lighting tools and accessories and is more demanding to equipment characteristics. 

Modern high quality lighting equipment allows to solve a variety of different tasks within one single system. This leads not only to the reduction of equipment amounts and consequently effective budgeting,  but to the increased lighting qualities simultaneously. 

Successful rollout of every lighting concept depends on further setup, positioning and directing of the equipment and polishing the details. It is the stage when quality of lighting project is created.
Customer: private company, Moscow
Total area: 350 sq.m.
3 project stages, 2019-2020
Equipment used in the project:
ERCO / XAL / Bezhko / illumika custom

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