Cultural centre competition concept
Total area:  17000 m2
In 2022 Velikiy Novgorod in Russia will host a World Skills event dedicated to youth education and experience. Unfortunately the city doesn't have an appropriate exhibition ground, so the competition task was to design a multi-use building to host permanent and temporary exhibitions, business congress centre and sport venues.
Velikiy Novgorod is an ancient city with unique historical and cultural context. The whole city centre is a heritage of UNESCO.
Two halves of the city are connected by complex multi-layer relations through times and by Volhov river, which is changing the landscape and the city life while flooding. 
By the way, Volhov is able to flow in both directions depending on a season.
The site is located on a wild bank and previously on belonged to the river. Now is becomes a ground for new cultural, educational and business flows.
Two volumes of the building are connected with an upside arch - like a riverbed with people that flow towards the shore. Main axis is oriented towards two monasteries on both sides of the river. Half-circle framing enables the viewer for contemplation and relaxation.
Respect for the environment is the key message of the whole project.
The building and all the infrastructure is minimal intervention in the environment, in order to enjoy a sacred interconnection of nature, history and a man.
The total area of the complex is 17000 m²
Educational and business blocks are located in the northern volume. The southern volume is occupied by the museum and exhibition complex. 
Each half contains public blocks, which allows them to operate independently.
Materials used in construction consist mostly of brick cladding as a tribute to Novgorod Kremlin. 
Southern museum volume is dotted with glass bricks to allow a play of highlights inside the exhibition spaces during the daytime, while northern volume is totally translucent to transfer ambient light into working and educational areas. Sky lights complete the lighting scenography.

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