Feltx Ripple

Feltx— soundproofing material. Is that possible to go further with design and enhance the effect? - Yes, we could!

Ripple is a product system for interior design made of artificial felt.

Soundproof design

How to improve productivity in the office?

Noise is one of the most distracting factors, and reduced concentration in turn reduces productivity.

In offices with an open-space layout, where there are many employees working in one room of a large area. In such conditions, noise and echoes are a natural phenomenon.

In this case, the noise level can be reduced with acoustic panels.

Feltx Ripple

the product system made of artificial felt

The product system is based on a special relief pattern of acoustic panels.

The modularity of the pattern makes it possible to use it both as a sheet for finishing and to create products from it, such as lampshades, partitions or wall compositions.

Acoustic panels

Moscow, Russia


the idea of Ripple

The answer to the question about the most effective form of decorative acoustic panels is the nature of the wave propagation process.

Ripple means water reverberation waves.

The waveform changes the angle of the sound streams, and by reverberating between the crests of the wave, the noise is attenuated.

ways to use

in large planes
in medium formats
in interior
(dividers, boards and etc)
in lighting

it`s a long story

The whole solution is based on a 2.4×1.1 m module.

The pattern of each module, is designed so that an infinite number of meters and variants can be assembled from it.
The FeltX Ripple panels are made of 100% recycled plastic, e.g. yesterday it was bottles, today it is brand new acoustic panels.

why are the panels green?

color range

outer space
black pearl
mild graphite
marble gray

urban snow
butter cream
teddy plush
pink flamingo
cherry jam
deep ocean
blue whale
light denim
minty smoothie
summer afternoon
conifer forest

wall panels

The Ripple family’s products are based on a modular system that allows you to cut and assemble compositions of varying complexity.
Even radius elements can be cut from this pattern

why it’s convenient to assemble compositions?

One of the key features is the ability to join the panels so that the joint lines are virtually invisible.
A neat joint is ensured by a well thought-out wave structure: every 100 mm there is a vertical line adjacent to the wall plane along its entire length.
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