While all portable heaters have a strictly utilitarian form, we decided to look at this from a different angle.

So we came up with a solution —
a heater can be both beautiful, functional, and affordable.

A heater can be beautiful

portable heater

Having studied the market of portable heaters we came to the conclusion that most of the heaters are the same, there is a certain typology in which most models look identical.

This is a great opportunity to gain a competitive advantage - to be favorably distinguished by design.

With the current trends in interior design in the "Room makeover", design is beginning to play an important role in the decision to purchase a heater.


minimalistic heater

The Rosker fan heater is the antonym of the usual form of electric radiator.

The compact arrangement of the elements allows the use of much less metal for the housing, and the fan heater itself can be made smaller and lighter

Portable heater

It has 2 forms — floor and wall.

The simple shape of the heater implies customization: the panels can be of different colors, the perforated panel can be perforated with different patterns.

blend easily

into the interior

Simple control system:
only the necessary adjustment of the air heating level.

Easy to clean due to only one moving element — the fan.

If technologically possible, you can replace the control unit with an electronic one and connect it to a smart home system, for example.

easy to use

The heater body is made of only 2 parts: the radiator and the outer casing.

The wall-mounted and floor-standing heaters are completely unified, so they can be produced on a single conveyor line.

This heater will use at least 2 times less metal than a conventional radiator.

easy to produce

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