Combobiombo  is a redefinition of the home heater.

In addition to an infrared heater, combobiombo can be used as a partition and as a vertical storage system.

More than just a heater


Combobiombo was designed for the Portuguese market. For a country that is contrasting in its diversity, medieval Gothic and modern architecture are juxtaposed.

The heater combines these two sides, one reflecting heritage and the other modernity.


double-sided heater

In Portugal it is too warm for central heating, but in winter it can be quite cold.

This is a solution that serves as a partition to zone the space in the summer and keeps you warm in the winter.

Decorative heater



beauty can warm you

Two sides allow the Combobiombo to fit into any interior.

The panels of the heater body can be changed, or a unique coating can be made to suit your own preferences.
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responsible attitude to materials

The screen combines traditional Portuguese woodworking techniques with a modern approach to sophisticated modularity and responsible use of materials
with a modern approach to intelligent modularity and responsible use of materials.

hidden feature

The Combobiombo  is not only a heater and a screen for zoning, it also has many hidden functions.

In the central section of each section, there are hooks inside.

This is handy, for example after a walk on a rainy day, to dry your coat.
In addition, the central section has an integrated backlight that shines on both sides of the wall. differently: through the outside, only the pattern is illuminated, while inside, the light sets the mood.
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