Today, most of the outdoor furniture is swings, benches, and garden beds, but these are all concrete products that cannot be combined to create anything new. So we invented the construction set.

What if the street furniture was assembled from prefabricated modules?

what about the

Designing street furniture for a specific location is much more expensive than finished products, but such solutions are sometimes stylistically incompatible with the environment.

Minimalistic universal system design, and production on a large scale can reduce the cost of final products.

The more popular the designer becomes, the more affordable it will become, which will subsequently improve the urban environment in a large number of communities.

urban furniture?

what about the urban furniture?


a modular urban furniture system.

Modern minimalist forms based on radius composition organically complement any environment: from natural parks to historical squares and territories of modern business centers.

The designer of urban and park small architectural forms allows to diversify and harmonize the urban environment, saturating public spaces with additional functions.

Outdoor furniture

Moscow, Russia


сirculum, how

Despite the infinite number of possible compositions and parameters, and the multiplicity of possible functions, Circulum is a simple constructor in specification and construction.

does it work?

All structures are composed of three types of elements:

  • columns,
  • beams
  • roofs.

The last one is used for buildings, the first two are found in all types of buildings. All elements follow the same principle of article formation, as shown in the diagram.

basis of the constructor — the columns

Columns are divided into three typical sizes (in height):

  • 400 mm
  • 2 800 mm
  • 3 400 mm

The entire system is based on these three heights.
All columns have tabs for beam bracing and bracing to the foundation.

Girder bracing is divided into 2 types:

  • 1 — column with reinforcement for installation of the beam,
  • 2 — column with reinforcement for installation of a beam and roof lintel.
Fragment of the Circulum brochure
In addition to the embedded parts, another type of fastening is provided side openings.

They can be used to connect several cross beams with additional functions at the same time.
Fragment of the Circulum brochure

elements joint — beams

In addition to the load-bearing and connecting function, the beams can also accommodate additional accessories.

The beams of the constructor have different lengths and radii for maximum variability of possible constructions.

The constructor assumes a gradual increase in the number of types and variations of used products.
Fragment of the Circulum brochure
There are 4 types of beams shown here:

  • standard bench, width 45 cm
  • bench, width 60 cm
  • beam with a cachepot for plants.

It is also possible to install windbreaks, bicycle parking lots, urns, etc., with a variety of attachments.

protection against the bad weather — roofing

Large structures, pergolas, gazebos, pergolas, swings, etc. can be covered with a roof for protection from the sun and plantings.
Fragment of the Circulum brochure


Due to its modularity and customization, the constructor is not limited in the number of assembly variants.

It can solve a whole host of problems depending on the needs of its environment.

Just imagine how aesthetic, interesting and functional public spaces can be.
Fragment of the Circulum brochure

endless possibilities of modularity

The main elements of the radial system -columns and beams.

The height of buildings varies from 2800 to 3400 mm, radiuses — from 1500 to 6000 mm, compositions can be supplemented with linear sections.
The assembly of products involves combining system elements for the construction of swings, pergolas, pergolas and pavilions, which can be equipped with benches, tables, bicycle parking lots and urns, as well as artificial lighting.
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