What matters is not the parameters of the space, but how it can be used. Maxximöbel is a furniture gadget that helps you make the most of every square centimeter of your apartment.

A magic trick of space expanding

"regard every problem as a possibility"

When humanity faced a pandemic and problems of working from home in 2020, we decided to look at life in a limited space from a different angle.

So we found a solution to organize space for work, rest and children in a small-sized apartment.
Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA


multifunctional furniture gadget

Furniture set of the XXI century —
it is your new living space organizer.

This is a family of multifunctional compact modules that can have different functions and sizes depending on your needs.

Furniture, spatial organization

Moscow, Russia


the might
of maxximöbel

it`s 5,5 м2 and you can put furniture on it like this:
or Maximebel can fit everything like this:

Flexible bed

and storage


Space to play


maxxi-children's room

Maxximöbel makes the most of every square centimeter of floor space. This frees up space in the room for play, sports and children’s parties.

learn how to expand your space?

How to save space?

Bunk furniture has long helped us save space, but Maximӧbel is more than just a bunk bed.
Can I read before going to bed?

Maximӧbel has a built-in backlight with different functions.
Where to store all the treasures?

Maximӧbel has plenty of shelves for storage, where you can place all your treasure chests.
Where to place the masterpieces?

Maximӧbel has a fabric finish, so drawings can be attached directly to the outside.
In development of Maxximöbel, we asked ourselves the question: Is it possible to maximize your living space without any alterations and without moving to another apartment?

The answer is to make the most of the space you have.
How to revive furniture?

Maxximöbel provides space for indoor plants.

room within a room

Maxximöbel is designed as the ultimate furniture for the home, to accommodate everything you don’t have room for.


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