The Light

When a brand’s audience multiplies or when a company starts to explore new niches, it’s time to adapt the brand’s identity.

This way, all brand communications will be even more memorable.

Scaling up the visual identity

about brand

The Light is a growing company of professionals who deal with lighting.

For several years they have been a dealer of European and Russian manufacturers of lighting equipment.

The Light

company rebranding

Since recently, the team at The Light has grown and decided to develop additional lighting-related businesses.

The brand has evolved into a small ecosystem of three disciplines:

  • The Light
  • The Light Concept
  • The Light System


Moscow, Russia



The Light -sales and logistics of equipment,

The Light Concept - lighting design,

The Light System - automation.

In the new positioning we managed to preserve the company’s core values and increase the range of services provided.

main idea

The concept behind the rebranding of The light is the joining of 3 components:

  • infinity
  • flow of light
  • architecture


Rebranding is more than just a new logo.

It is a new brand strategy that includes a whole set of parameters: brand positioning, brand tone of voice and visual communications and so on.



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