Even an ordinary eraser can combine six functions at once.

And, yes, functional design can make wonders.

Could a simple thing be multifunctional?

till the last piece

There are times when you run out of pencil and ideas strike a key.

It is inconvenient to use a worn-out pencil, so you need an extension cord, and that’s exactly what Pencilmate is for.


It’s more than just a pencil eraser for removing pencil from paper.

This eraser can extend the life of pencil stubs as an extender, be a ruler, prevent rolling, serve as a cap and as a sleeve for writing comfort.

stationery item


multifunctional eraser

smart eraser

Pencilmate is more than just an eraser, it’s a smart buddy for a pencil.
Because the eraser is divided into sections, it is easy to use: you don’t need a knife to sharpen the eraser, you can divide it with your hands.

and the trail is gone.

now the pencil won't slip off

The shape of the eraser allows you to put it on the pencil and prevents it from rolling off the table.


Pencilmate can combine two pencils into one, which is useful when you use two colors at once or pencils of different softness.

ruler is always handy

The eraser is divided into sections - 1 cm, which in turn are divided by 5 mm.

cap for a pencil

A sharpened pencil will be protected by this eraser when used as a cap.

who knows, maybe leftover pencils accumulate the shiniest of the ideas?

Also, leftover pencils can save some trees from being cut down.
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