Grozny 200

A dynamic lighting scenario can bring static figures to life.

For example, this tower project is designed to express several states at once.

Dynamic lighting design

back to the history

2018 was the year of the 200th anniversary of Grozny the capital of the Chechen Republic.

Therefore, the installation in honor of the jubilee refers with its form to the historical structure — Vainakh tower.

These medieval buildings have been built in Chechnya for centuries. These medieval buildings have been built for centuries in Chechnya and used in various variations to shelter, protect, and inform neighbors about the of impending danger.

Grozny 200

city landmark concept

The idea of the lighting art installation reflects two main themes:

  1. respect for local traditions
  2. the rapid development of the young city, looking to the future.

Art installation design

Chechen Republic, Russia



The instillation consists of 2 parts:
- internal core;
- shell.
The inner core —
is a construction of two hundred polycarbonate sheets illuminated by a cylindrical media screen.
The outer shell —
glass covered with a photochromatic film that changes its transparency depending on the scenario.


Both the core and the shell are programmed to perform different visual sequences, so that the tower can hide and show its core in many different ways.
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