Bold Hero

We are accustomed to the fact that one object has one image.

Is it possible to express your mood within the framework of one object?

Time to flip over design

Hip Hop watches

Italian jewelry company Binda Group in 1985 founded the "Hip Hop" watch brand, which stands out for its colorful design of the strap and dial, designed to express the character of the watch owner.

Their distinctive feature is that you can buy a different strap to the dial.

In 2019, after the relaunch of the brand, we offered a new hero "Bold" in the "Hero" line.

Bold Hero

a new approach to the iconic product

The minimalistic but noticeable shape of the new wristwatch allows the combination of three variables: the dial, its case and the strap, which now becomes double-sided.

One side a reference to the classic 1984 Hip-Hop Hero straps, and the other a modern pattern of dots.

Wrist watch


the classical side

This side of the strap is embossed with stripes.

a modern interpretation of the classic strap of the first "Hip-Hop" watch from 1985.

the contemporary side

The classic straps had a pattern of stripes on both sides, but with virtually the same manufacturing process, it is possible to produce 2-in-1 straps.

The contrasting classic pattern of dots will emphasize the mood of the owner of this watch.

If you want something new simply flip the strap over.

the contem-
porary side

your mood
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