Beyond the edge

What if we reinvented the cut glass?

That's the question we asked ourselves and created a pair of ceramic stacks "Beyond the edge", with a special parametric shape.

Architecture of the common things


In architecture, creative thought and rational engineering thinking collide, so we often see solutions that are impressive in their simplicity.

For example, the complex silhouette of a skyscraper, which is based on a simple principle: the figure at the base of the cross-section is rotated along the central axis for the entire height of the skyscraper.


Beyond the edge

minimalistic ceramics

A pair of 100 ml 100 ml stacks was designed as a gift set.

The glasses have different silhouettes with the same design, which really makes them a pair.

Сeramic shots


design process

The design is based on the contrast of the lightness of traditional porcelain with the strict geometry of the shape, this is the faceted cup 2.0

The silhouette is based on a pentagon, the rotation of which along the axis creates new facets.

the shape

The final appearance of the product was the result of a series of experiments with different porcelain compositions, firing rates, and glaze techniques.

Despite their apparent fragility, the special ceramic mass makes them resistant to mechanical and thermal stresses, and the glaze is evenly sprayed to prevent staining during use.
The first batches were made of a homogeneous white mass with a colorless glaze and were successful not only as tableware, but also as interior decoration.


Now a variety of coating options are ready for production, including traditional Russian combinations of Gzhel blue paint applied spontaneously to make each product unique.


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