What if a building needs to be constructed quickly and inexpensively, is there such a solution on the market today?

For this reason, we have invented universal modules a system of fast-erecting buildings.

Does universal architecture exist?


hard-to-reach areas

The project is intended to improve the living conditions of people both in the settlements and outside them.

There are places where the usual construction processes are too expensive. To make life better there, we need to come up with a fast building system.

And, finally, we have found the solution!


system of the prefabricated buildings

This is a system of modules designed for the construction of one-storey residential buildings and public complexes on the basis of their combinations.

These buildings are designed to improve the quality of life in the settlements and beyond their borders in all constituent entities of the Russian Federation, including hard-to-reach areas.

Buildings for various purposes




system that could build up anything

Due to their combinatorial nature, the modules can be configured and perform the functions of objects for different purposes.

Medical buildings

Recreational camps in nature

Travel hotels

Educational establishments

Individual dwelling

Any other purpose
A typical module is a room with a 24 m² pitched roof.

This allows to use convenient layouts to meet different operating scenarios and meet the requirements of Construction regulations document and Sanitary Regulations for residential, children’s and medical facilities.

basis of the system — modules

The modules can be equipped with a mezzanine of 8 m², which provides additional space.

The buildings are installed on a foundation made of screw piles.

factory-assembled architecture

The modules are assembled from flat prefabricated panels, which allows for efficient storage, transportation, and assembly of the units.
The panels are made of a frame on the basis of light steel thin-walled structures and include interior finishing, engineering preparation and soundproofing.
The panels are made of a frame on the basis of light steel thin-walled structures and include interior finishing, engineering preparation and soundproofing.

the best for the children

Children’s recreational camps are complex infrastructures, combining buildings with different purposes.

Therefore, the design is related to the development of structures, most of which can be used outside the context of a health camp.
Children's health camp in the forest: architecture

a module usage

Standard module
Bedroom for children over 9 years old
Bedroom for children up to 9 years old
Staff bedroom and office
Medical room
The module has an infinite number of applications, which is the main secret of the system.
Children's health camp in the forest: Interior of a residential block for children
Canteen for 220 people
Residential block with classrooms
Residential unit with one shared entrance
Residential unit with separate entrances
For ease of navigation, the highest facades are placed above the entrances to the buildings.

Additional connecting modules at 45° allow the building to be diversified and better integrated into the surrounding landscape. All children’s blocks have a common entrance to the central area, from which the children go to their bedrooms.
Wet units are located inside the public areas. They have mezzanines with additional functions.

For example, they can be equipped as classrooms or rest rooms.
The common hallway has a large closet and a shoe dryer.

The bedrooms are each 16 m² in size and can accommodate four children, while the hallways have closets for clothes.

combinatorial capabilities

Touch picture to see the layout
Children's health camp in the forest: residential block with one shared entrance
Kindergarten: architecture

a motel on the shore

The main motel building is made of modules and contains rooms for various purposes.

This configuration is designed for 23 rooms of four different types.

There is also a common lounge, a gym and a small café
Motel on the coast: view from the sea

ambulance station

The organization scheme of the station for three ambulances is a linear composition, all technological connections are built along the corridor in the center of the building.

The operational part (dispatchers' rooms) and a part of administrative premises are located on the ceiling.
The main entrance
Technical entrance
Ambulances entering way
Way out for the ambulance
Ambulance station option for 3 ambulance cars
Option of ambulance station for 5-7 ambulance cars
The U-shaped layout of the station for seven cars allows organizing the station around a closed courtyard.

The garage for car repair is equipped with an overpass.

The station for seven cars is the most rational variant among the proposed ones in terms of the ratio of the construction volume of the station to the number of people it can serve.
The main entrance
Technical entrance
Ambulances entering way
Way out for the ambulance
Ambulance station: interior of the staff rest room
Medical and obstetric center: architecture

the morgue building

Two courtyards form the basis of the morgue’s planning structure.

The first one belongs to the ritual part and creates a peaceful atmosphere in the funeral hall, one of the walls of which has panoramic glazing.
The morgue: main facade
The ritual area is placed on the main facade, has a pronounced silhouette and a monochrome solution of facades in dark colors.
The morgue: the interior of the funeral parlor
The morgue: the interior of the laboratory
In contrast, the rooms for staff work and rest have color-coded compartments in the form of large accent spots and are resolved optimistically.

For example, the laboratory interior uses an accent yellow color.

the autonomous living cabin

In addition to public functions, the system of fast-erecting modular buildings is also suitable for private housing.

For example, a minimal module can be used as a self-contained living cabin for outdoor living or for a house at the cottage, or several modules can be combined to create a large private house.
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