The Bridge

When someone thinks that a complex landscape is a headache.

For us, these are opportunities to realize unique scenarios of interaction between humans, landscape and architecture.

Architecture in harmony with nature


The place for the campus is the unique nature of Armenia between Mount Ararat and Mount Aragats.

Smart Armavir  is a charitable action of the COAF Foundation to create a modern educational center in the rural area of Armavir.

campus in Armenia

The Bridge

modern format of educational campus

Learning and development of advanced competencies requires an appropriate space adapted to the environment and basic social values.

The idea of bridge the idea of connecting not only two elevations, but and connecting technological conditions with important human values:

Public architecture

Armavir, Armenia


bridge is the connection

with the place, with the people, with nature

with the place

The landscape suggests unique layout solutions that allow to realize new scenarios of interaction with the campus (for example, a bridge-crossing between the buildings).

The event hall overlooks Ararat and has the ability to open panoramic windows to enjoy the view during the event.

The top restaurant has Aragats and Ararat terraces on the summit.

with people

The architecture reflects how the lives of different people can be brought together by the bridge.

Children and teachers, students and mentors, athletes and coaches are all connected, and there is always room for everyone to join in.

The simple and robust design of the campus helps draw more attention to visual, tactile, and functional interactions between the building and its users.

with nature

The campus is based on a combination of concrete and CLT (prefabricated prefabricated wood panels).

Prefabricated methods not only help to improve the quality and speed of construction: the material left over from production can be reused to make furniture and significantly reduce waste.
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