Design shapes the environment around us; it is not only about visual techniques, but also add relevant functions, actualize zoning and etc.

And all of this is possible without any extraordinary remodeling.

How to refresh educational environment?


MIREA is the Moscow Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automatics.

In 2018, several educational institutions were united into one technological university — RTU MIREA. This university has become a modern educational and research center.

With this unification, it became necessary to renovate the old buildings of the university.

The design aims to create an environment for the young specialists in the field of advanced technologies.


We consider the environment of a leading technological university as a new tool of communication between the university and the student.

The environment becomes a reflection of the modern approach to education and community building.

University of Technology

Moscow, Russia


environment design of the technological university

Library lobby
Space as a metaphor of endless discoveries and accomplishments was chosen as a visual reference point for the renewed environment of the University of Technology campus.


monochrome design
accent color
and dispersion
branded pattern and navigation
loga1 = 0
(a x) (a y) = a x + y

y = a(1 – r)t
V = πr2h
The vanishing point of axes of the building is located at the entrance to the territory and has a strong potential for placing an accent object that welcomes visitors.
The radial-circular structure is expressed both in the interior and in the general composition of the complex.
Recreation area and summer cafe
Car ramp
and promenade area
Pergolas and benches
Summer theater screen
Table tennis tables, summer sports area
Site for a bus stop pavilion
Conference сenter
Contrasting coverage of areas
outside the main pedestrian transit
Alley in front of the main entrance
Pedestrian ramp

layer one — unity of environment

The front walkway and the main lobby of Building A are united by a common idea and tell a single story for visitors and applicants.

They provide a comfortable platform for student activity, which in turn is an ideal demonstration of the competencies and capabilities of the university.
Central alley opposite the main entrance

layer two —scenarios

The spacious lobby and the large alley have a high potential for organizing a multifunctional public zone convenient student infrastructure and various activities on its base in university.
Central lobby.
View of the reception area.
Utility room
Utility room
Media screen
Reception and waiting area
Perforated panels with interactive backlighting
Rest and waiting area
Built-in media walls
ATMs and MFP devices
Meeting room for 8-10 people
Store 80 m2 with auxiliary room
room from 8 m2
Café with storage
and preparation area
Utility room at the cafe 8 m2

lobby layout

University halls a platform for saturated information environment and organization of a group of public spaces for different scenarios of use.
ATMs and MFP devices integrated into media walls
ATMs and MFP devices integrated into media walls
Café area for 70 seats
Perforated panels with interactive backlighting
Reception waiting area
Controlled storage lockers are located underneath the checkroom counter

layer three — light and multi-

Lighting is responsible for work efficiency, well-being and orientation in space, and much more.

It is a necessary and technological layer in the interior and exterior that reflects a modern approach to knowledge and education.
Library lobby and situation center.
(ground floor)

layer four — color and supergraphics

The use of color and large graphics can unleash the potential of Soviet large-scale spaces at minimal financial cost, create a motivating environment and organize navigation.
at the main entrance
Corridor with integrated waiting areas
Lobby of the ground floor. View of the staircase.
Corridor at the intersection of two directions
Central lobby.
Café area.
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