Maxximöbel is a furniture gadget that does the main trick with space: smart organization allows to free more space.

The identity for this gadget reflects both Maxxi’s spacious and friendly nature.

Identity for the furniture companion


According to the Institute of Urban Economics Foundation, the area of apartments in apartment buildings is decreasing every year.

Accordingly, the apartments are becoming more and more cramped, and there is less and less personal space.

For this reason, we have developed a solution in the form of a furniture gadget that can hold more than you can imagine.


an identity for a furniture gadget

It’s more than furniture, it’s a room within a room.

A gadget that organizes space, it can create a personal workplace with a bed on the second level or a playroom.

For maxximöbel's corporate style it is important to reflect the soulfulness of this furniture module, it is a companion, a helper in organizing space.


Moscow, Russia


room within a room

+ 1 — this is the main idea behind maxximöbel, which is to expand space without any remodeling.

application range

Maxximöbel can be:

  • a workplace
  • a children’s room
  • a cozy island of personal space
  • mini cinema
  • a room for video games.

The boundary of application possibilities is where the imagination runs out.

Therefore, it was necessary to develop a visual language to reflect all the possibilities of the furniture module.

furniture companion

Maxximöbel is a furniture companion, for this purpose a number of visual communication elements have been developed:

iconographic images denoting the module, its characteristics and functions.
Shortened name
Layout sign
Features sign

landing page

Besides the Maxximöbel branding, also was developed the landing page, that tells about all the features of the furniture module.


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