Port Hotel

The idea of the hotel "Port"  is an urban trend space with an integrated hotel on the key territory, the central beach of Taganrog.

The space is made of transportation containers, which is reflected in the corporate identity elements.

Hotel concept = idea for branding

The hotel is located in the city of Taganrog, by the shore of the Sea of Azov. The city has a port history, where shipping containers played an important role.

Subsequently, containers became the basis of the architectural image of the hotel. Therefore, the corporate identity was built around this form.

shape of shipping container

Port Hotel

corporate identity and visual communications

"Port" is more than just a hotel, it`s a multifunctional space with rental areas (café, cinema, pharmacy, etc.).

Therefore, a corporate identity was developed with the focus on the possibility to unite all rental units into a common visual language (e.g., posters for the cinema, navigation to the facilities, signage).


Taganrog, Russia


corporate identity and visual communi-cations

The architecture of the complex is based on the beach theme, terrain and historical role of port in Taganrog with the use of shipping containers as structural elements.

architectural solution is based on

birth of the idea

The Port Hotel logo is based on the interior of the container. Thus, the framing of the two ends going into the future formed the Cyrillic letter "П" that equals Latin "P".

That letter means the first letter in "Port" word.
Shipping container

draft options


Navigation elements: icons and arrows are stylized using the same technique as the logo.

All navigation elements rhyme with the logo straight lines at right angles.

Thus, the navigation is harmoniously integrated into the general picture of visual communications of the Port Hotel.
Visual communications (posters, signs, instructions, warnings, etc.) also rely on the main idea around the rectangular shape of the container.

visual communications

architecture of hotel

Before creating the identity, our team created a volume planning project.

Details on the project page:
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