The port hotel

Most hotels near the sea in Russia are built in the style of Soviet modernism, which is rapidly becoming obsolete.

While everyone is making A-frames and barnhouses, we have found a new way to make the hotel stand out from the competition.

Re-imagining the seaside hotel

shipping containers

The projected hotel is located in Taganrog, near the shore of the Azov Sea. It is a city with a port history, where shipping containers played an important role.

The idea is to combine beach and port themes in the architectural image.

The port

a new format of coastal hotel

A complex with public spaces, rental areas and hotel infrastructure. It is located on the key territory of the Central Beach in Taganrog.

The idea is to create not only a commercially successful site, but also a city trend space, a driver for popularization of tourism in the region.

Hotel architecture

Taganrog, Russia


new format of the coast

The first level contains public spaces that are accessible to both beach visitors and hotel residents.

from the ground up

The second and third levels are reserved for the number fund and have an organization closed to outsiders.
Complex is oriented
different group of citizens and tourists.

what about rooms?

The room list consists of 19 rooms

6 different layouts: from basic rooms to superior rooms with balconies, two bedrooms, spa and special views.
12 m2
7 rooms
21 m2
4 rooms
24 m2
5 rooms
36 m2
1 room
36 m2
1 room
20 m2
1 room

visual identity

In addition to the volume-planning solution, an identity was created, in which the architectural image played a key role, for more details see the page about the hotel branding:
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