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ILLUMIKA is a team of creative professionals that came together to make the world a little better place to stay.

Architects, graphic, lighting and product designers, civil and mechanical engineers, CG and motion artists — we all strive for our common goal — overcome any expectations with our next project.


Prefabrication means manufacturing buildings before construction.

All of the components of the future building are produced in a factory and delivered to the site where the house is assembled like a construction kit.

This prevents from the mistakes during construction and reduces the cost of construction process.

Housing and hospitality

We merge architecture, product design and branding to invent new formats, experiences and forms of ideas, things and spaces.

We feel the main trends in architecture and design, so we create modern spaces that combine cutting-edge techniques and creative solutions.
For us, the time and complexity of the construction of a residential building is important. We are focusing on implementing of the our designs as it was meant to be.

Housing should be aesthetic, affordable and comfortable. That thing is about our projects.

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Tiny House — Cabin:
A module-based cell, by combining which the living space can be increased.
Процесс префабрикации:
производство стеновых панелей для автономной жилой кабины.
Multi-residential residential apartment complex:
modular façade cells allow for individualization of façade modules and to harmonize the overall architectural solution at the same time.
Cultural center «The flow»:
Multifunctional cultural center in Veliky Novgorod combines an architectural complex embedded in the historical environment and the design of its surroundings.
Образовательный кампус в Армении:
мебель в интерьер, сделана из отходов процесса деревообработки конструкций
павильон России на Венецианской биеннале
Hotel "Port":
hotel complex based on shipping containers in Taganrog (sea of Azov shore).
DOM×DOM: one of the interior configurations for the family of fast-built houses.

Prefab and modular


Public spaces

and commercial area

Design project from the initial idea to the branding of future products, we provide the documentation for the actual realization of the products.
Circulum: outdoor furniture guidebook
Circulum: outdoor furniture guidebook
Making product prototypes is an integral part of the design process.

Prototypes help us to improve the quality of the final product.
Beyond the edge: a set of functional decoration.

Product design and prototyping

We care about the result, we make sure that the finished product is exactly as it was designed.

That’s why we pay special attention to production, understand the processes and control the quality.

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Furnicloud: storage system. Fragment of a section with drawers.
Furnicloud: storage system. Fragment of a section with drawers.

From concepts

to "ready to sell" package

Connections with manufacturing

and quality control

The Light: company rebranding.
Brand is what people think of you.

Our credo is to create an emotional connection with the consumer. We design brands as a system of images and values that draw attention to a product before physical interaction with it.
Navigation is more than just signs and boards for us. It is a range of techniques that provide a natural and comfortable way finding in place.

Infographics is a visual expression of something complicated in a way that is easy to understand.

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Navigation and infographics

Hotel "Port": wayfinding.
The complex of modular houses in Kuvekino: wayfinding.
The complex of modular houses in Kuvekino: infographics.


and visual


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The Light ❘ Maximöbel ❘ Hotel "port"
Binda Group ❘ Irsap Вarka Construction ❘ Associative design ❘ Picaso 3D ❘ MMXXI

Shaping the values

that inspire our customers

to build brands

and set the trends.

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Russia's exhibition pavilion in Venice
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configurable storage system
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